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    Daedalus (n64 Emu) PSP Compatibility List

    Post below to add to this if it interests you- Thanks guys!
    Speed = No Idea

    Animal Crossing
    Speed = Decent but not really fun to play

    Bomberman 64
    Speed = Ok but goes black at Battle Mode

    Mario Kart 64
    Speed = OK

    Speed = Good but freezes at menu

    Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    Speed = Very Good but crashes while selecting a character

    Speed = Ok but not good enough to have a full game of

    Quake 2
    Speed = Fast but graphics "garbled"

    Rampage 2
    Speed = Ok but takes a long time to load

    Speed = Crashes in menu

    Super Mario 64
    Speed = Decent

    Super Mario 64 Shindou Edition
    Speed = Slow but crashes at level two

    Super Smash Bros.(JAP)
    Speed = OK

    Star Fox
    Speed = Decent on training level

    Star Soldier
    Speed = Decent as far as I know

    Wave Race 64
    Speed = Good but textures are off

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    Big Grin

    i tested mario cart and it looked nice but ran very very slow then crashed before i could start a race.

    I also tested Kirby, it would show some stuff but would not play then crashed.

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    man i tried waver racer and it got stuck at the screen with all the numbers and words in white and black lol the consle i think but yea i agree with F34R also, i got mario kart to run and it was beteween 3-5 FPS witch is way way slow in my book.

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    Problems with Visigotico's PRE-Daedalus R8

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else has this problem...

    When i go to start this version of Daedalus it boots up, quickly displays some text in the top left hand coner of the screen and then doesnt load further, it doesnt matter if its the frame skip or no frame skip version.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    Apart from waiting for the actual R8 release


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    With the recent gpSP GBA emu that came out (created from scratch, near full speed on many games), I wonder how much a N64 emu would benefit if it were made specifically for the PSP, if a ported Deadalus (R8) can get 15-20 FPS on a few commercial games, sky is the limit.
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    i want only know how i can save in daedalus! In mario 64 i finish the first level then i press ok in the first option (the screen is black then i can't know what is written)...the game is saved and when i restart the game without exit show me that game is completed for (example) 1%...then i exit to XMB and reload daedalus... but the surprise!!! Nothing has been saved! How i can save the game? :??

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    Daedalus actually runs 2x faster than the framerate counter!!

    Just want to let you guys know that Daedalus' framerate counter must be counting something else because 30 fps in Daedalus is actually full speed.

    You are probably wondering how I would know this and the reason is because I did a test.
    I compared Super Mario 64 running on Project 64 and on PSP Daedalus.
    I went to the courtyard with the water fountain and just ran around on both and noticed that when the counter hit 30 fps on Daedalus that the relative speed compared to Project 64 was the same. Try it yourself!!

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