Today weltall mailed in to tell us CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev. B is now out for the PSP! Per his mail: The main things featured by this update includes the possibility to define (through configuration file for now) a button to directly open the text reader and an important bug fix of remapsp which didn't report correct values on read/peek buffernegative calls and so applications/games using them didn't work correctly.

This fix allowed remaPSP to be finally completely working in POPS. Other than this the classic series of bugfixes (including one which didn't allow to use the text reader till next boot if you tried to open a missing file) and the various size optimizations.

Download: CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev. B for PSP

Changelog: 0.2.2 REV.B RELEASE

- [ALL] fixed a bug in RemaPSP about buffernegative functions which returned invalid values being returned.
- [POPS] Now REMAPSP works perfectly in POPS
- [ALL] Various optimizations in the remaPSP initialization code which reduced the size of more than 200 bytes
- [ALL] Some optimizations in the memory edit/disasm functions which reduced the size of more than 32 bytes
- [ALL] Added a check aganist tries to open a non existant text file with the text reader
- [ALL] Various size optimizations in the cheat search functions which reduced the size of more than 232bytes
- [ALL] Now it's possible to define a key combination to access directly the text reader from in-game. You can define the buttons by adding them to the "TEXTREAD BTN = " entry in the configuration file.
- [ALL] Optimized the functions checking for key combinations. This reduced the size of more than 818bytes.

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