Weltall has updated his popular CWCheat PSP app today! Changes include:

Download: CWCheat v0.1.9 Rev. E


- [ALL] optimizations in the usb loading runtimes to avoid useless operations
- [ALL] added a ioctl call to update the fat with the current state of the ms when disabling usb support. This will avoid corruption and avoid loading files like if they weren't updated. thanks to Ahman for pointing it on ps2dev forums
- [ALL] optimizations in some key handling functions which gained 1456 bytes of space
- [ALL] improved the jocker command (0xD00000dd 0x1nnnnnnn) in the standard cwcheat cheat engine it will allow to skip dd+1 lines (so it keeps compatibility with old jocker codes) [more information here]
- [ALL] fixed some checks for button release which weren't checking the button accordly to the swap button option
- [ALL] Corrected some glitches when getting brightness values
- [ALL] Corrected chosen brightness levels to work better on a lite psp (100 on the lite was doing strange things, while 99 is the correct maximum) [thanks to moca for the testing]
- [ALL] Corrected a bug in the inverse offset codes which were pointing to a wrong adress before the start of user ram [thanks to black_wolf_92 for pointing the problem]
- [ALL] reworked a bit the pointer codes in the cheat engine: now if the feeded adress from the pointer is NULL (which may happen sometimes in games) the code will be skipped, plus the engine is now more optimized gaining 152bytes of space

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