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    Custom Firmware 3.52 M33 for PSP released!

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    Today 'HM33' (Alejandro? ) is back with Custom Firmware 3.52 M33 For PSP! Here is the latest update:
    - Now uses 3.52!!!
    - M33 NO-UMD: fixed problem with Simple 2500 Series Portable, The IQ Cube
    - Fix a bug which made Go!Cam, GPS and sceKernelLoadExecVSH* not work in game mode.
    - PSN downloaded PSX games support wasn't working in 3.51 M33 (didn't work in latest OE's either). Now it is working again. If an original PSN game still doesn't work, we recommend to delete files KEYS.BIN if exists, and copy the game again from ps3 to psp.
    PSP Files: M33 VSH Mod PRX Prototype For 3.52 For PSP, Custom Firmware 1.62 IE-D Update 5 With DevHook v0.51 Mod For PSP, Coldboot Sound Replacer v0.3 For 3.51 For PSP, Coldboot Sound Replacer v0.4 For 3.5x For PSP, Aurora M33 3.51 Mod For PSP, CWCheat ScreenShot Path Mod For PSP, PSP Content Manager v1.5 Mod For 3.52 M33 For PSP, M33 EBOOT Unpacker PoC For PSP, Media Player Taskbar 3.52 M33 Mod For PSP, Custom Firmware Multi-Flasher For PSP, and a Test Drive Unlimited (EUR) 640MB PSP RipKit.

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    Post 3.52 M33 Installation Guide

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    Here is a step by step guide for installing 3.52 M33. Please note that you must be running 1.50, or any of the OE series firmware to begin this installation.

    First grab Custom Firmware 3.52 M33 For PSP and extract it.

    1. If you are running firmware 1.5, first go inside the "1.50only" folder and copy both kxploitpatcher and kxploitpatcher% to X:/PSP/GAME and then execute the program through the game menu on the PSP.

    2. Copy the M33CREATOR folder to X:/PSP/GAME if you are in 1.50, or to X:/PSP/GAME150 if you are running OE.

    3. Now download the 1.50 and 3.52 updates which you can grab below:

    1.50 Update

    3.52 Update

    4. Place the two updates you downloaded in the M33CREATOR folder.

    5. Navigate to the game menu on your PSP, and execute "3.52 M33 CREATOR."

    6. Once finished, navigate to the game menu again and execute "3.52 M33UPDATE."

    7. When finished, follow the on-screen prompt to reboot. That's it! You've now upgraded to 3.52 M33.

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    Ive updated.All confirmed working seamlessly.Get updating!

    p.s Nice guide PS3NEWS !


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    ISO Loader

    Great news any higher compatibility for PSX games on PSP or just the PS3 to PSP downloadable ones. Also where is the option to change loaders from M33 and Np one from Sony is it in the Recovery mode or somewhere else?

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    Dont think there is any change in psx compatibility. Could be wrong tho.

    As for umd mode:

    1. Go into recovery menu by holding down the R button when turning on console.

    2. Go to 'CONFIGURATION'

    3. Scrolll down to umd mode and press X until it says 'Sony NP9660 - NO UMD '

    4. Exit recovery mode and enjoy 99.9% iso compatibility.


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    thank you

    sorry about that a0004uk. I must have done something wrong because that option was not on this PSP. and I had the m33 v 3.51 with this new one I see it so thank you.

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    how do you get the iso to work? do u just stick the iso on the card and then play it?

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    Just upgraded from 3.51 m33 to 3.52 m33 firmware no problems.

    the Sony NP9660 - NO UMD mode loads games unbelievably fast. tested GTA Vice City, saved game loaded very quick and no lags during gameplay.

    No problems with PSone games either. PSone games do look as if they are rendered better (IMO).

    Thanks M33 (or Dark Alex?) and PS3NEWS for getting the file to everyone fast. :-)

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    Just updated to this from 3.40oe-a and it is working great. I just have one issue however. I played ff7 a lot with the old oe firmware and since it did not work natively with that firmware and would freeze the game whenever the enemy used a special attack i used popsloader to artificially run 3.10 pops on it and play ff7.

    However, it seems that with 3.52 popsloader does not work anymore and whenever i enable the plugin and launch any ps1 game it will just hang after the initial warning screen and i have to reboot my psp. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can solve this issue or somehow convert my 3.10 save files for ff7 to 3.52 compatiblforucause I do not want to lose all my progress.

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    No Title

    seems ps custom DOCUMENT.DAT files are no longer working in 3.52 M33


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