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    Newbie kyle0510's Avatar
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    Apr 2006

    Great work M33. But, there was a problem in the last version 7 build, wherein the brightness issue was fixed. Because some psp with the problem has been fix already. By installing the v7, apparently the psp will not booth without a charger. Is the fix also in this 3.52 build?

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    Um, im getting a problem, after running the creator, all finishes with OK, reboot.

    The when i go back to the memcard XMB, i just see a corrupt icon, no UPDATE?, i have checked on the memory card, and the update folder and eboot are there, tried 3 times, but its always corrupt?

    Any ideas? Updating from 3.51

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    so all the updates and fixes are already in this release?

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    Correct, to quote from the ReadMe:
    All features from the previous release are included, plus once again, improved NO-UMD support, as well as support for PSOne games downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

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    Also guys, is anyone else getting the problem in which the psp is freezing when you try to click usb connection from the xmb? If I go into recovery mode and use usb from there it works fine but obviously that is a lot more annoying than just picking it from the xmb. If anyone has any solutions for this I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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    Try and disable all plugins in Recovery Mode and see if that helps. also check that you haven't enabled a function by accident in recovery mode.

    Still doesn’t work then go to psp system settings, then select “restore default settings”. it will wipe all your psp settings and might just do the trick. Or reflash the psp with custom firmware 3.52 M33.

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    I upload to CF 3.52 M33. It work great, but know it wont boot up at all I get a black screen. I also can't get into my Recovery Mode. Can anyone help? :??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeroboricua View Post
    I upload to CF 3.52 M33. It work great, but know it wont boot up at all I get a black screen. I also can't get into my Recovery Mode. Can anyone help? :??
    Doesnt sound good Zeroboicua. If you cant get into recovery mode and it shows a black screen, you may just have a nice shiny paperweight.(i.e bricked).

    Unless anyone else has any ideas?


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    I havent even delved into M33 yet. I'm still on 3.40oe. But when a new Irshell is realeased, i will be moving over pronto.

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    Thanks a0004uk. I know That. hope that someone can help..


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