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    Performance issues with 352 M33

    Hi guys,

    I just upgraded to 352 M33 from 1.50. The ugrade went through great. However, in testing a few games, they are either very slow or get the black screen.

    - crazy taxi - very slow and lags in game play (overclocked to 366 already).
    - ratchet and clank - hangs after selecting country in initial screen. If overclock to 366 then it works.
    - tomb raider anniversay - black screen, then psp turns off.

    Any one experience this and have ideas what is going on. I have overclocked to the highest of 366 and doesn't help in crazy taxi. Are these games too new? (with the exception of ratchet and clank)

    Also what exactly does the option of formatting flash1 do?

    thanks in advance!

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    I only see in advanced:

    toggle usb (flash 0)
    toggle usb (flash 1)

    Is the second setting the one to format flash 1. If not where is the option to format flash 1.


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    Well, I toggled usb (flash 1) and deleted all the content. All of the problems I had are still there with the exception of crazy taxi. Crazy taxi I fixed by reformatting my ms. Don't know what is wrong with the other games. Welcome any more suggestions.


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    Quote Originally Posted by deluxskillz View Post
    i got this really strange problem so i did everything to try this to work but it keeps getting stuck at writing 3.52 firmware... and even after an hour of waiting it doesn't ever get the OK. message at the end so it never finishes any one got any idea what is wrong i got firmware 1.50 and used the kxploit anyone who can help it would be greatly appreciated.
    I'm having the same problem as delux, keeps getting stuck at writing 3.52 firware (memory stick light keeps flashing but I never get ok message), have followed the install instructions carefully and have reformatted memory stick. I've got an original 1.50 psp from Japan and decided to install CFW now that Devhook has no more updates. Anyone got any ideas? :??

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    love to hear great news about all this!

    thanks guys

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    that's superb, I've been searching for video umd support for so long.

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