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    Apr 2006

    Cube PSP

    Publisher: D3P
    Category: Arcade/Puzzle
    Release Date: 18/02/07

    Challenges come at you from all sides - six to be exact - in this puzzle/strategy game that has you take on the role of a cube. Your goal? Navigate suspended 3D worlds filled with platforms and mazes as quickly as possible. You're up against 135 levels in 9 themed environments. Romp through Multiplayer Battle Mode or Co-Op Versus Mode, uncover bonus levels, and avoid (or use) 20 types of obstacles cluttering your path. Cube goes beyond the usual puzzler with some features you don't often find, including camera control, wireless multiplayer, and the ability to create both content and music, then share your custom content with friends..

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    Apr 2005
    OK- adding it to the Master List now!

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    Jul 2006
    game is out.

    full iso size = 412 mb

    Works fine on 3.40 OE-A

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