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    Could you spoof a network update?

    I know that when people wanted to make their own portal for the psp they set it up so that when wipeout tried to reach a cetain website a local machine caught the request and edited it. I was wondering.. hopefully not to newbie, If you could recreate this situation and figure out excatly where the psp is trying to go when it downloads an update.. Then set up a pc to have the same layout intercept it and rename the old dumped 1.0jap (using, not obtaining, just talking about dev), with the new name. Maybe that way the psp will believe it's an update and install that. As long as it doesn't like examine the file first..

    Also with everything there is always a way to restore like all factory settings, why can't we focus on finding some sony repair guides or something and figure out what the keycode is or whatever that will reset it to 1.0jap because that firmware is propably built in on the mb of all of our psp's.... JUst thinking late at night it's all wrong anyways but tell me if you think it would work.

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    Of course we'll entertain the topic here... but if it were as simple as just spoofing the files/setup/connection it'd have been done already unfortunately.

    From what I gather, more likely someone will compile and leak an illegal PRX (built with the official $DK) and it'll be used to reflash the BiOS, not necessarily with "v1.00" but perhaps with a modified BiOS. That's how the UMD dumps were done... using a utility compiled to run on a retail PSP created from the official $DK. Of course a more LEGAL "homebrew" solution would be safest/more desirable to dev'ers, but I have a feeling most end-users will take any method they can to get homebrew stuff running on their PSP. I'm not saying the "spoof" idea is impossible, just that there are other ways to accomplish the same thing (without messing with AES and the related hurdles) that are currently being worked on to reflash the PSP BiOS.

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