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    Conncecting PSP to wireless network problems

    Ok I have my d-link wired router feeding my wireless netwave router. The psp gets the signal at 100% and grabs an IP without any problems. when i test the connection everything is cool except that i get internet connect failed. I know it is an issue with my network, maybe a port cause it works fine on other wireless networks without changing and settings but the ssid info. Any ideas what could be screwing up on my network?
    I think it could be a port but i havent found any others having similar issues. I know the wireless works cause i have a laptop that gets online just fine. Again making me think it's a blocked port but I am not sure. Please let me know.

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    When you test the connection does it say that internet access is OK. right at the bottom of the network test screen. If not it is probably a DNS server setup problem.

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    says failed at the bottom but i have connected to 2 other wireless networks with no issue using the dns setup i have so thats not the issue.

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