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Thread: Confirmed: Retail Patapon 2 for PSP to be UMD-Free

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    Confirmed: Retail Patapon 2 for PSP to be UMD-Free

    Update: Sony has just confirmed the story with a statement to Ars Technica. The statement reads:

    "We're considering a digital only format for the Patapon 2 release as a one time test case as we continue to explore consumer preferences for digital content," Patrick Seybold, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at SCEA said.

    "The downloadable game will be available on May 5th at both retail and via the PlayStation Store. We remain focused on providing superior games and entertainment experiences in both the UMD and digital formats and are working closely with our partners to deliver the best PSP line up in our history."

    Inside sources at ArsTechnica indicate that the upcoming Patapon 2 for PSP will be distributed solely through digital means. Retailers themselves will not carry UMD's, rather empty cases with the download code for the game.

    To quote: Our inside source has given us word that Sony will release its upcoming title Patapon 2 purely through digital means, even though empty cases with the download code will be available at retailers.

    Sony may be inching even closer to a purely digital business model, but retailers will surely want to fight the future. Is this the first shot in the digital war? Ars investigates.

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    Nice, but i am really not a big fan of this game!

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