Today Creat Studios Director of Business Development Scott Hyman has announced that Bubble Trubble PSP Mini is coming to Sony's PlaySTation Network this week.

To quote: This is Scott Hyman, Director of Business Development at Creat Studios along with Jason Benham, Producer and Creator of Bubble Trubble, our new PSP Mini game. Bubble Trubble will be available for download on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 12 for $4.99.

Almost everyone loves puzzle games, but the "Match 3 colors" concept has become so tired that we just had to tuck in into bed and put it sleep. On a quest to create a new color-matching challenge, Jason was inspired to develop a new game where bubbles of the same color fuse together into one upon contact, and grow, grow, grow until they pop.

As bubbles grow, on-screen space gets more and more crowded. If the bubbles don't expand enough to pop, all that room gets filled and the game ends. However, if enough like-colored bubbles are combined, they burst with points, bonuses and much more on-screen space to keep on playing.

Bubble Trubble is a single-player game with two modes of gameplay:

- Survival Mode allows players achieve the highest score by matching and popping the increasingly faster onslaught of colored bubble clusters.
- Challenge Mode presents specific set tasks for players to enhance their skills, such as only popping certain colored bubbles or preventing bubbles from getting too big.

Creat Studios is very excited to present our next game for the PSP Mini program, and we are very confident that you will love Bubble Trubble. And avoid any Trubble, you've gotta burst your Bubble!

Thanks again to all of our fans, and please keep your comments and suggestions coming!

[imglink=|Coming to Sony's PSN this Week: Bubble Trubble PSP Mini][/imglink]
[imglink=|Coming to Sony's PSN this Week: Bubble Trubble PSP Mini][/imglink]
[imglink=|Coming to Sony's PSN this Week: Bubble Trubble PSP Mini][/imglink]
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