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Thread: Comcept: Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita Takes Tokyo Game Show

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    Comcept: Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita Takes Tokyo Game Show

    Comcept Founder Keiji Inafune has announced today that Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita is taking the Tokyo Game Show this year!

    To quote: I'm excited that those of you who are attending Tokyo Game Show will finally be able to have some hands-on experience with Soul Sacrifice!

    Once you play the game, I'm sure that you'll have a better sense of the world I've been wanting to create.

    You'll be able to face the dilemmas, tough decisions, and the agony of choice that I've been wanting to portray in a game. I believe the TGS demo does a great job of conveying this new concept.

    In the trailers and interviews released so far, we've shown the game's dark world setting and shared some of the story elements revealed in the single player mode.

    We've also shared a few of the back stories from both the monsters and sorcerers that you'll encounter during gameplay. During TGS, I'm looking forward to showing you what the multiplayer mode can offer.

    "Truly cooperate with allies" - I've explained the concept behind the multiplayer mode in the past, but I'm sure you'll gain a full understanding after playing through this TGS demo. You will experience trusting in your friends, being double-crossed or double crossing, and you will realize the difference between sacrificing strangers and your most precious friends even if you don't want to.

    You will be able to team up and slow down the enemy's attack, allowing your friends to come in and assist with the defeat, or you could be relying on their assistance to heal you in the midst of battle. These choices may even lead you into being forced to sacrifice your own life, or hoping that a friend would do the same for you.

    I ask that you pay close attention on how your emotions change after each decision you make, and how you feel once defeating a monster with the help of your friends. From these experiences, you will see the concept of "reality-blended fantasy" that I wanted to create.

    Finally, below is an interview and video from the PS Blog, as follows:

    PlayStation.Blog: Why do you see the PS Vita as such a good fit for a deep, dark action title like Soul Sacrifice?

    Keiji Inafune, Creator, Soul Sacrifice: The idea is to have a game that Western audiences will find appealing, while also making sure that it will also sell well here in Japan. The Western audience must feel willing to play this game. PS Vita is not going to benefit if you just have a lot of otaku games on it – you need something like this. It needs dark and deep titles like Soul Sacrifice.

    PSB: How have you approached the game’s multiplayer component?

    Inafune: Soul Sacrifice is intended for the player to really sit down and engage with it, and actually have other people in front of you for the multiplayer with ad hoc as the base. If you can’t gather people physically, you can play online of course, but I think it’s most interesting when you play with your closest friends as you really know about them and it might prove harder to sometimes sacrifice them.

    I think the most fun in the game comes from playing on both your real and virtual relationships. For example, if you have a friend that’s always hounding you and makes you feel bad the whole time you’ll surely feel like you’re going to sacrifice them! That type of play is what the game is all about.

    PSB: If you could step into a time machine and show Soul Sacrifice to the young Keiji Inafune making Mega Man back in 1986, what do you think he would he make of it?

    Inafune: 25 years ago, I don’t think I would have appreciated how interesting this type of game could be. I probably would have thought that it was grotesque because I wasn’t really aware of Western games. Back then I was really only thinking about myself and trying to make things that I personally thought were interesting. That consumed me 25 years ago.

    So, if I was to be exposed to a game of the future 25 years ago I think I would’ve started earlier at trying to be aware of Western audiences. If that were true I think I would have been even more successful and have a lot more money!

    PSB: You’ve announced a number of big projects since you stepped down from Capcom back in 2010. What inspires you to keep on creating at this stage in your career?

    Inafune: First and foremost, it’s fun. I’m having fun. Other than that, that potential was always there when I was at Capcom but because it was a huge organization there were limitations and constraints that pulled me back.

    I had energy – this bulging creative impulse – but I was unable to realise that as much as I wanted to. Now, because I am free and independent, I just think I should try and get everything out there that I want to get out there.

    So, yes, I am busy but I’m also having fun and enjoying it. I have more energy than I did when I was at Capcom. I’ve already announced many things, but I hope to continue to announce many more things in the future, so I hope you’ll be taken by surprise.

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    [imglink=|Comcept: Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita Takes Tokyo Game Show][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Comcept: Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita Takes Tokyo Game Show][/imglink]
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