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    Coded Arms includes PSP Firmware Version Checker!

    As we posted in our Past News, PSP titles are now including both a Firmware Version Checker and mandatory firmware updates to run new titles as displayed HERE from the recent Coded Arms Japanese release. Of course we all know it won't be long before such Version Check routines are simply detected and circumvented (as was done with PS2 DVD/DVD9 Media Checks) by warez release groups, as several already have had a working PSP UMD Image Loader that runs virtually mounted UMD iSO dumps via a PSP Memory Stick for some time internally.

    However, to date no group has publically shared theirs yet... (Dynarox made mention of theirs awhile back, and more recently an SbN release NFO file boasted "We know a secret *G*" along with today's Coded Arms DMU release NFO file stating "we hope there is a umd iso loader soon. ;p"). Only time will tell what the future holds for the PSP, but we have a feeling it won't be much longer before the PSP 'scene' gets a nice big kickstart into full gear!
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