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    Ok, I went to the Press Launch in Dubai and this what I found out.

    1) AR Cards will be bundled with every Vita.
    2) They can be printed out. (I know this because I played a game with the creator of the game Reality Fighters on a card that had been printed on the floor.)
    3) The Augmented Reality works pretty well, and it is efficient.
    4) PS Vita is epic.

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    Its a nice looking but I am not buying it. The games in the list doesn't interesting me at all. I will skip it and wait for 2 years from now. No hurry for I have plenty games such as PSP, Wii and PS3 to focus on.

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    Uncharted and Wipeout were amazing in it.

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    Agree. Tried both at TGS, amazing games


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