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    Registered User jweaver's Avatar
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    Can you stop the PSP from booting the game off UMD?

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    Since I am more often than not going to boot games from MS, is there a way to stop the UMD from booting?


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    Don't put it in the drive until you have the menu open. Just open the UMD drive and close it when you've booted the PSP.

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    I heard something a while back when the PSP was released that you could set a password for all ratings, so it would ask for the password instead of booting the UMD and send you back to the menu if you didn't enter the correct password. Basically, you could make the password easy for when you want it to boot, then press nothing when you don't want it to boot. I haven't tried it, but you may want to check it out.


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    both ways are a hassle. I'm using the Logitec case, and I like to keep my PSP in to play. If I want to play homebrew stuff or listen to music, I need to take it out, open the umd slot, etc.

    Pain in butt!

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    Just set password to 0000 that way when you switch on, press cancel to play off ms. ok to play umd.. hardly a hassle.

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    I ment to say that whilst this is a good solution, it doesn't work in my case.. I have Ridge Racer on UMD and this doesn't seem to have any "parental control".. Unless I am doing something wrong of course!

    I set my PSP to "Level 1", but Ridge Racer just loads anyway!


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    Hey thanks for the parent control tip, made life alot easier for me


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