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    Can You Convert MP3's to .MUS Files ?

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone knew if its possiable to convert an MP3 file to a .MUS file. The reason I want to do this is in burnout lengends for the PSP all the music files are .mus files.

    I was wondering if I took mp3's of songs that I liked and converted them to .mus files then named them the same names as the .mus files in burnout if my songs would play. Which would kinda make it like a custom soundtrack like you can do with xbox. Any help with if you can convert the files or not would be greatly appreciated.


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    Try this method perhaps...
    Using VcdromX and Codemaster's Exact Audio Copy PSP Edition I was able to replace the god awful music in burnout with my own custom sound!!!

    Here's how to do it:

    1. extract the ISO (in this case burnout)
    2. find where the music folder is (in this case: PSP_GAME\USRDIR\music
    3. convert your MP3's or CD using Exact Audio Copy PSP Edition
    4. replace the music files with your tracks, making sure you keep the original filenames!
    5. Rebuild the game using VcdromX
    6. Play and enjoy!

    I have only tested this with burnout, but my theory is that Codemasters tool convert music to a universal PSP sound format, so this should work for any game.

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    Stick Out Tongue

    Awesome, that worked perfectly thanks!

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    That's tight. I will try it when I is home. Do you have to keep the same number of tracks as in the original game? Do you have to keep the size of the music directory in the image the same as the original when adding custom tracks? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirjimjom
    I seriously can't figure this out, I can't find a way to even get the mp3s in there. I can put a cd in, it sees the tracks, but I have no encoder to make .toc's... it's not an option....
    OK, first take the CD you want the songs from, and copy them to your computer in an MP3 Format. Now, you have your folder w/ MP3s in it. Install the Exact Audio Copy PSP Version (it might ask you to restart, just do it)

    1.Open up Exact Audio Copy PSP Version, and change it to CD Mode

    2.Drag and drop an MP3 into EAC.

    3. It will ask for a place to save the file, just save it.

    4. It will uncompress the audio, and then recompress it into a .toc filetype.

    5. Rename the SONGNAME.toc file to EATrax00.mus (so if my song was ILoveChicken.mp3, rename the ILoveChicken.toc file to EATrax00.mus)

    6. Continue doing this for up to 23 songs (EATrax23.mus).

    7. Move the files over into the extracted iso of burnout, in the PSP_GAME/USRDIR/music/ directory, and Replace them.

    8. Rebuild the ISO and then you are done

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    Stick Out Tongue

    Yupp just like he said . Works perfectly and gets rid of that horriable burnout music. The only thing is when a new song starts and that banner pops up on the screen telling you the name of the song of course it wont match your new custom song. But im gonna check and see if those song name banners are a simple image I can change then ill try and change it.

    Also I fit this all on my 512 card with the custom soundtracks. And no you do not have to replace all the tracks. You can just do the first few if you are worried about space and leave the orginal songs. Then once you start the game go into the ea trax listing and you can turn off all the songs you didnt change.

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    I just did it, it works fine. Thank god for that, the original music was crap!

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    MP3 player woes

    putting the psp in your pocket while playing mp3s without a "hold" button is what im talking about, any one know how to "hold" and stop accidental button presses?

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    use "hold" on the psp, and use the headphones!

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    How's the renaming of the files going? I want to change the music in some of my games but I wnt the ability to display the correct names if it is at all possible. Props tho!


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