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    Can u play us psp games on an an a pal psp

    Can u play us psp games on an an a pal psp
    do u need to change firmware or wont it or will it work.

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    The psp games are not region specific.
    THe UMD Videos are.

    Im playing a japan game (Bleach). On my USA psp.

    Have you not been hearing about how sony won a lawsuit against a european place selling to americans. I do beleive that was the case.

    Even if there was some kind of region coding, im sure someone could write a loader to bypass it haha.

    I hope thats teh answer you were going for.

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    This is correct. I just wanted to add that this has nothing to do with NTSC/PAL. It's simple region-locking which is completely independant of video norms (now, if the PSP had a video-out jack that would be a different story).

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    The games themselves have no region coding. A PSP game from Region X will work on a PSP from region Y.

    Also, I doubt the PSP will use the PAL system.

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