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    Calculate UMD Size


    Are there any utils at present that can tell you how big a UMD (in the drive) is? I would like to backup/dump the UMD discs that I have but only have a 256mb MS at present. I know there are dumpers to create an ISO on the MS but not sure what happens when the MS isnt big enough.

    It would be nice to know in advance whether I can dump the UMD.

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    There are also UMD dump utilities (available in our STICKY PSP Utils thread) that allow you to dump the files individually if you don't have a large enough Memory Stick. As for obtaining the FileList/Size of a UMD prior to dumping it, I believe you can begin to dump the .iSO of it and then simply stop... the resulting image file should still open in iSOBuster and allow you to view that information from the header (even if the dump isn't complete).

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