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    Question Which to buy... Coded Arms or Lumines?

    hi, I'm new to the forums, I want to buy a new psp game but can't decide wich, Lumines or Coded Arms. Is Lumines like tetris? cuz I hate puzzle games like tetris

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    If you hate puzzle games, why would you consider buying one?

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    if your opinion is as shallow as i hate puzzle games go with coded arms, you'll like it more in the longrun

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    Jun 2005
    yes it is quite similar to tetris

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    Apr 2005
    lumines cause it doesn't require a upgrade of your bios

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    Its a puzzle game if you dont like tetris chances are you wont like lumines (even though its a brilliant game) but hey, who knows u might like it....

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    Apr 2005
    well I heard coded arms is really hard to control & Lumines is a puzzle game, try Hot Shots Golf Open Tee, Ridge Racer & Metal Gear Acid.

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    coded arms.

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    Go Coded Arms

    I have Coded Arms and Lumines.
    I did find coded arms tricky to control at the start but after a few levels I now find it much easier and great fun to play and the graphics are fantastic (the shotgun rules).
    While Lumines is just a puzzle game.

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    I have coded arms its not very good, quirky controls, usable yes but could b better i think there a bit to sensitive. Its to linear for me, its just a point a shoot fps not else much going on tbh. Lumines on the other hand is one of the most fun adictive games i have ever played. never seems to get old. Id go with lumines.


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