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    I'd say of you're bent on hating puzzles, go with coded arms. i played 3 hours continuosly once.

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    what are the controls on Coded Arms?

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    I just finished my exams and my father said that I may buy both

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    I was all hyped about Coded Arms. After reading gamespots review, not so much. I'd be happy though, if it was similar to Doom in play style. I still go back to that game. Simple can be good. So I'm not sure.

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    coded arms is a great game i would recommend it

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    well now that you can play games on ur mem stick why not try them and buy the one you like more

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    renting the games is also an option

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    coded arms. no matter how many reviews call it repetitive and all, its still a fps for psp. lumines is ok fun id rather just get the loader

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    I bought them both now


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