March 21, 2007 - Today XSEED announced it will be publishing Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground for the PSP this July. Developed by Japanese studio Global A Entertainment and released in Japan last September, Dungeon Maker lets players design their own hack and slash playgrounds.

The game's story follows a novice dungeon maker from a small town which is defenseless against monster attacks. He buys a plot of land just outside of town and begins building a dungeon with which to lure the monsters and their master -- the legendary Wandering Demon. If players can defeat this demon, they will free their hometown from the constant fear of attacks.

Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground

Battles are fought in real-time with melee and ranged weapons, spells, and summon creatures. A large selection of building materials is available with which to customize your dungeon, and players can share their work with other gamers through the PSPs network connectivity.

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