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    Smile Bubble Bobble: Magical Tower Daisakusen PSP

    is very difficult but i remember the original game... i love this game but i have very problem to control. with l button you change the dragon, but i dont understand how to complete the level. ciao

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    This game is quite goofy. You have to use different bubble types to accomplish what you need. The boomerang shot captures things for you...there is a power shot that shoots 2 bubbles...and your regular shot that you can shoot numerous times. It took me a while to figure out the controls as well. I think you hit select then chose the other dragon to switch between them. I am still trying to finish the level...I cant get the last gate to open up! I am very dissapointed with this one....almost not even worth downloading, but I love playing the origional game so I gave it a shot....what a jyp.

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    i cant get the game working, i get some message in japanese with an option to press x or o, but whatever i press i end up at the same screen.

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    Mar 2006
    what is the untouched size for this game?

    also, try pressing LEFT and press X.

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    Mar 2006
    anyone got by the wooden guy?

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    Mar 2006
    i have no idea how to kill that wooden guy, this game is just stupid really...

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    i have created some language riptkits for Bubble Bobble Magical Tower
    size of rips are about 240 MB
    size of original iso is 602MB

    more infos in readme

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    I used love this game spent many a day on my Commodore 64 playing this, as well as the arcade i'm hoping they have hidden the original version which can be unlocked somewhere

    I think I being very thick here but i dont see where you can change the language. According to the ripkit there is Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, and German how come there's no English. :??

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    Can anyone tell my how to defeat the first boss?

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    its just like the original Truble bubble ?

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