February 26, 2007 - The original Bubble Bobble, released in arcades in 1986 with a popular NES version ported in 1988, was a lighthearted, coop action game that proved especially popular with casual gamers. The gameplay was on the simpler side, but working with a friend to capture monsters in bubbles and send them popping (along with some great examples of Engrish: "Let's make a journey to the cave of monsters!") proved to be a charming experience. Apparently, the people at Codemasters hate this game, as they've gone a long way towards destroying what made Bubble Bobble enjoyable in the first place.

Bubble Bobble Evolution features two characters named Bub and Bob who blow bubbles -- but that's about where the similarities to Bubble Bobble end. Instead of dinosaurs, the friends have been replaced with boys in dinosaur costumes. And instead of depicting the duo's "journey to a cave of monsters," Evolution is set in 18th century London. Bub and Bob are outside playing when they find themselves suddenly transformed from normal little boys into little boys wearing dinosaur costumes. They are then separated and dropped into two towers where a mysterious voice tells them to enjoy the entertainment. From there the two will have to work their way up to the top of the towers and confront their captor.

The levels of Bubble Bobble Evolution rotate as you move from room to room.

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