Okay, here goes...

I.. spilled a drink (red bull) on my fat psp, it looks like it went in through the memcard slot.
It wouldn't turn on at first but it ressurected back to life after leaving it for a while (didn't open it up though).
Few weeks later, the GF did the same thing to the poor psp =/

Right now it could run on AC adapter.. but it will short circuit and ruin any battery i put in it. So i think the power circuitry is broken or something.

what im looking for is a way to fix the battery (cause i broke 2 battss + a friend's) =| and later maybe the psp too
the battery shows as 0% charged, and won't charge at all even on normal working psps (says charge complete but the battery level is still at 0%).

I turned one into a pandora just for fun... and it actually works. the psp that i tried to downgrade even could run just from the battery when running the pandora program.. but during normal xmb, it will say 0% and turns off.

so i think there's some charge left in these batteries and could still work, its just that the psp won't recognize 'em..
anyone know any fix or urban legend on these?