Update #2: Today we decided to release Lumines NOUMD PPF Patches! Be sure to read the included ReadMe file for further information on them as well as some interesting related 'scene' details. The only change these updated PPF Patches include is the ability to run Lumines from your PSP Memory Stick without the need for any UMD in the drive once you use them to patch the game's BOOT.BIN file. Enjoy one and all!

Update: Although it is quite obvious to most, we would just like to make it clear that the only innovation in the Lumines Launcher is the BOOT.BIN PPF Patch. Once patched, you can use the previously-released WAB MS Launcher to actually launch Lumines. Case and point? There is no need for a seperate Launcher (EBOOT.PBP) for other games this method may work with... simply release the BOOT.BIN PPF Patches for them.

Today the World's first PSP Launcher was released for Lumines. We have already confirmed it works on a v1.50 firmware PSP with the Dynarox USA release of Lumines, however, it currently plays without sound. How was this achieved exactly? Well, similar to the WAB MS Launcher you'll need to extract the contents of the Lumines iSO to your Memory Stick's root directly using iSOBuster or a similar application. When doing this, you should end up with a PSP_GAME directory there with all the game files in it, and also a UMD_DATA.BIN file in the MS root. Then simply install the Lumines Launcher by copying the files to your PSP\GAME directory manually or via the previously-released KXpolit v1.50.

Before it will work, there is one final step you must do (how it works) so read carefully... you will need to patch the BOOT.BIN file that is located on your MS in the PSP_GAME\SYSDIR with the included PPF Patch (for reference, in the USA BOOT.BIN it patches 0x0000000000081D88 = 6661746D73303A2F5053505F47414D452F555352444952 and in the JAP BOOT.BIN version 0x000000000007EB80 = 6661746D73, so from "disc0" to "fatms") using PPF-O-MATiC 3.0 so that the check routines are modified. Once this is done, put any UMD in your PSP drive and then simply launch Lumines from the PSP Main Menu and it will run (without sound, for now) from your PSP Memory Stick! Please post all related feedback in THIS Forum thread.