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    BREAKiNG NEWS: More PSP dumps surface!

    Update: For those interested, we have received confirmation that the Dynarox dumps were done using the same single EBOOT.PBP (which can be converted to a .PRX) to do the sector-based dumps as Paradox used. Basically here's a little behind-the-scene "what happened"... the GODS @ PDX gave the WipeOut (USA) release guy their dumper to do the dump as being Euro-based they didn't have access to any USA titles, and unfortunately he leaked it to a friend who (with or without his permission) did the other dumps under Dynarox to gain access to the benefits intended only for REAL sceners. On the bright side, chances are Dynarox will continue to do more dumps using the Paradox utility since they are located in the US. Some other interesting tidbits for those who didn't already know... ALL the dumps are done using a RETAIL PSP (no DEV hardware is required) and the game "loader" will likely be in the form of a BiOS replacement which will work with ALL version PSP units... v1.00, v1.50, v1.51 so don't worry there guys.

    Why has this information been published here? We have been requested to post it by the real scene GODS to let the PSP community know what's really going on. Of course we applaud Dynarox for sharing, however, it will now not go unnoticed just HOW they did these recent UMD dumps.

    Today we have some VERY cool news indeed... warez group Dynarox has released the following new PSP UMD dumps with an interesting quote from their NFO files as well:

    In a really near future, a loader will be released to make games work via the memory card.
    We have confirmed the PSP UMD dumps are legitimate, and feel free to examine the FileList.txt generated from each of the UMD dumps above. We have now posted the iSO Image sizes above as well, and please use THIS Forum thread for all related discussion.
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