Update #3: We have now added a Tutorial available HERE for PSP Homebrew newbies. It covers many of the basics on using the method below, details several console emulators for PSP, and answers a lot of redundant questions posted on our Forums... so be sure to read it before posting, and in ALL cases do a Forum SEARCH for an existing thread before creating a new one in our PSP Chat Forum on any given topic.

Update #2: The PsP-Dev Team has performed a perfectly timed release of their KXploit 1.50! Enjoy the new improved method of booting homebrew on a v1.50 PSP, and the exact file name is kxploit_1.5_psp-dev.rar with the filesize being 3.91 MB (4,106,154 bytes). It is available for download directly from HERE!

Update: A video of their new direct loader for homebrew on the v1.50 PSP is now available courtesy of this Mirror!

PaWsTick, CybBlade, and Killer-x from the PsP-Dev Team who released SwaPloit v1.50 last week have now let the world know in THIS Forum thread that tomorrow (06-22-2005, 12:00 GMT+2 Spanish Time) they plan to release a final version of their v1.50 PSP firmware "homebrew" launcher entitled KXploit! This version will NOT require two Memory Sticks nor any swapping we're told, so it may indeed be the FINAL solution many v1.50 PSP owners have been seeking! More details will be posted as they are available, and for up-to-the-minute action we invite everyone to join us on EFnet #PS2Ownz of course!