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    Blitz: Overtime PSP

    Release Date: 14/12/06 - Category: Sports
    Sure, the football field in Blitz: The League has sidelines. But don't be fooled. Nothing's out of bounds in this win-at-any-cost football experience. NFL great Lawrence Taylor returns as the League's top player Quentin Sands. This time he's got competition. Former NFL bad boy (and admitted steroid user) Bill Romanowski provides the voice and personality of Bruno Battaglia, franchise player for the Baltimore Bearcats and one of the League's most hated players. Build the League's greatest franchise in a football storyline that goes both on and off the field in Blitz's trademark hard-hitting style. The game's added new evasion moves on both offense and defense, new customizations, and more..

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    Thanks Sen- adding it now!

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    It's out! Grab your today! =p

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    and doesn't work with devhook

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    what, even the latest devhook? Well there will be a fix soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimski View Post
    what, even the latest devhook? Well there will be a fix soon.
    Yep definately a fix will come out so just sit back and relax an play with your Wii for the time being.

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    The One I Got Works.. What One Needs Patch/Fix ?

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    Works with dh .46 hybrid edition. Did not work for dh .51 3.02

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    Gets stuck at the intro screen here on .51 with 3.02

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    Works With DH 0.51

    Working With Devhook 051 with 3.02 firmware no problems.

    Just a hint for 1 gb, i extracted iso and re isod with vcdromx comes out to 912mb, then csod came out to be 613mb with nothing ripped, and gameplay is smoothe. using 333 and with wifi fix, wifi works flawlessly.

    Edit: Sorry I Forgot I Ripped The Update Folder Before I Re Isod.

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