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    Newbie nicodemus34's Avatar
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    May 2006

    Bleach 2: Heart Of The Soul PSP

    I got the game ripped and used UMD gen to save it as a .dax but it wont load up. any advice?

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    Newbie Tsusai's Avatar
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    May 2005

    i heard UMDGen should be able to save the game uncompressed in iso format, I'm not too sure though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicodemus34 View Post
    save it as a .dax but it wont load up. any advice?
    does dax work on devhook? or just iso or cso? :??

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    Newbie ilovejedd's Avatar
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    Aug 2005

    Title is supposed to be Bleach: Heat the Soul 2.

    LoL, those were pretty late replies considering the original post was made more than two months ago. Just in case nicodemus34 still hasn't got it to work, according to this, it should run with Direct LoadExec+RAM=ON using DAX 0.62.

    I believe you need a customized version of DevHook for DAX compressed ISOs to work. I think less DAX-compressed ISOs work with DevHook as compared to CSOs, so for now, it might be better to stick to CSO for better compatibility and stability.


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