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    Question Blank PMF files?

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    Where from can I dl it ? Cos when I click on umdgen.com link to it go to this forum. And it want to login.
    So when i write login and pass it should redirect me to the file. But it is redirecting me to the login panel again! And again and again !!

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    It's your PC cookie/security settings... as they work for everyone else here, you're the first to whine about it in about 2 months. You can try grabbing them directly from the PSP Utilities STICKY thread in the PSP Chat Forum though.

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    HELP!! Can't find that file!! I try in utilities, sticky and anywhere but unable to found it! I really need it. Thanks

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    It's not that difficult to find, do the following:

    1) Type in http://psp.ps4news.com

    2) In the Search Box, type in Blank PMF and click the search button.

    Then you will be shown a direct-download link to it.

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    Is the "Blank PMF file" really exist?

    I did exactly you told, but still couldn't found it. I go to PSP.PS3News.COM and type Blank PMF. But there is no "Blank PMF" link appear.

    Where is the Blank PMF file anyway :?? Please help me!

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    It's under PSP Blank PMF File, but it should come up if you just enter "Blank PMF" in the box (it does here). Anyway, HERE is the direct-download link to it.

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    Makoto ni arigatou gozaimasu!! Thanx a lot PS3News!!

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    thanks ps3news for your tutorial.. you are my new gods!

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    how about embed blank pmf to program? and just right click file --->appear option to make it blank?


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