Sony's PSP and PSPGo are preparing to welcome some new titles that will mark the return of the consoles in front of the stage.

Below is the Autumn PlayStation Portable release list, as follows:

October 2009:

01/10: Fieldrunners (NHP English): a port directly from the iPhone, fans of Warcraft III are familiar with the principle of this game that will ask you decimate waves of enemies across a field where you positioned the elements responsible for the defense of the land. A simple and catchy that should a disaster thanks to its low price, requires Minis!

01/10: Gran Turismo PSP: four years of waiting for the arrival of simulation racing final. If it welcomes the technical title, the majority of testing it as a pretty shell, in case of total lack of career mode. Remember to take your information before buying under penalty of huge disappointment.

01/10 Hero of Sparta: another port directly from the iPhone. This beat'em all Gameloft walking on the ground of God of War, suggesting the non-stop action and sequences of QTE to complete its enemies.

02/10: Beaterator: become the king of the sample loop and through this game of musical creation chaperoned by Timbaland himself. The program, a challenge mode, mini-games and an impressive collection of samples. Mix your favorite sounds through the mixer included in the game

06/10: Star War: Republic Heroes: aboard the new Star Wars for 30 missions inspired by the animated series, the game will make the transition to introduce the second season of the series. The program, fighting light sabers or in vehicles.

20/10: GTA Chinatown Wars: porting the DS game arrives on the PSP in an improved version. A title that comes to sources of the series by providing an action plan view. Although the title may divide the community of PSP gamers who played the first two opus PSP, the title remains a safe bet for anyone who wants to find a game with an excellent shelf life.

28/10: Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier: Jak and Daxter are back in an adventure following Jak3 released on PS2. The graphics are fabulous, the platform as if it rained, the sequences shot in flight, the opportunity to play with Daxter, is the program that awaited game of all.

November 2009:

03/11: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories: firstly announced as a remake of the first Silent Hill game has since evolved. The first Silent Hill will remain in the end that the title, since the whole course of the game has undergone a complete overhaul.

Even if he plays in the same universe as his elder, the PSP version will offer several characters who will live an adventure more or less different. New ideas have been provided to disorient the player. Will you be daring enough to try the experiment?

17/11: Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines: Altair is back and it is on PSP as it happens gentlemen, nowhere else. Direct result of the first episode released on home console, the PSP revisits grinding mechanics. After removal Robert De Sable Altair starts in pursuit of the Templars parties seek refuge in Cyprus. Under the tutelage of their new leader, Armand Bouchart, order sow terror in the city. The assassin will continue and help the local resistance to getting rid of the Knights Templar.

18/11: Little Big Planet: the long-awaited arrival of the hit PS3 on the PSP is an achievement: handsome, handy and fun, the title passed the crazy bet to implement the physics engine on the laptop.

Some concessions have been made to make this possible, but ultimately, the game loses nothing of its beautiful and has a brand new single player mode. You can of course create your own levels and share them with the gaming community.

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