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    best psp travel case?

    i am sure i am not the only one out there that had spent sometime looking for a nice bag that would fit "all" of our accessories...and trust me...i spent hours looking for a good bag. i thought i found a good one (the one i will review here and post some pics) but it did not fit all the stuff i had. so i returned the bag but i took some detailed pictures since the net did not have good pics of this product. hope you enjoy

    <<<my review on the g-pak psp travel case by naki>>>

    Dimensions: inside dimensions; L = 1 foot, W = 6.25, H = 2.25 (inside the bag)

    well, if you have owned a g-pak for the other consoles you know what i will be saying here! this bag is really well constructed; material wise, zippers, shoulder's awesome! it does smell funny when you first take out of the box (cuz it is new) but i am pretty sure the smell goes away. but don't worry, it is not that bad!

    the outside - according to the box the case is made of part leather and part cloth (see pictures attached). the bottom of the case contains a place where you can make your own name tag and slide it in. the place where you attach the shoulder strap and the top carry strap are really well made as well. overall the bag has a really slick design.

    the inside - just like the outside, the inside of the bag is well made as well. it is all padded with this soft interior lining and the walls are reinforced. there are 4 velcro dividers that are customazible so you can move them arround according to where you want to place your stuff. i think they should have added at least 2 more velcros there, i thought 4 wasn't enough. inside there is a compartment where you can place 22 umd discs. the compartment closes, and on both sides of the compartments have extra pockets that you can probably put some reading material in there or manuals (it is hard to explain but you can see what i am talking about on the pics).

    the box mentioned about something "earphone port allows for easy acecess to connected earphones" but i could not figgure out what they were talking about. anyhow, the bag has a lifetime warranty and it costs 24.99 and it is made in china. it is a nice bag, perhaps too price.

    unfortunatelly i had to return the box cuz i purchased one of those jbl ontour speakers and i really wanted to have that with my psp stuff and all that did not fit in the bag. but if you just had; the psp (my psp is inside the pelican headbanger case too), the cables that came with the psp, a usb cable, socom headset, extra battery, wall charger, some games/movies, memory cards and a sandisk mobile mate card reader...than everything should fit! overall the bag is awesome...i was sad to take it back!

    well, now i am back in search of a bag that would fit all my stuff...i have thought of videro camera bags and lunch bags i know, it sounds corny...but i just need to find something that would fit all of the above, including my beloved jbl ontour speakers (by the way you should check out these speakers too, they sound awesome, very portable and they got good reviews) when i am on the road.

    hope you enjoyed the review, i know it is a big review...sorry for that!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    g-pack_back.JPG   g-pack_bottom.JPG   g-pack_front.JPG   g-pak_inside1.JPG   g-pak_inside2.JPG  

    g-pak_inside3.JPG   g-pak_inside4.JPG   g-pak_pocket.JPG  

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    Interesting review - thanks.

    I have one question re this... Would a PSP with a datel HDD and the bigger battery fit in it?

    I had a aluminum PSP case, which was fantastic... until i got my HDD cant' use the case anymore because the PSP won't fit


    EDIT: Looks like it will from the pics, but can you confirm - ta.
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    pspswampy...i just noticed that i forgot to place the dimensions of the bag, sorry. i had written down...maybe an admin can edit my first post and place this info there please?

    inside dimensions; L = 1 foot, W = 6.25, H = 2.25 (inside the bag)
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    Done now!

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    it is attractive to me.. but it is too heavy so not portable ?

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    deuxdoom, the case is really nice! have you seen the other g-pak case for the other consoles? i have one for my is awesome! is not as portable as a small case that will only carry the psp...but if you want to carry all of your acessories as i mentioned on one of my posts above, then this is nice, and pretty compact for the size. believe it or not...

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