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    Best PSP Text Viewer?

    What is the best stand-alone text reader? I'd like to be able to read game walkthrough .txt files on the road.

    I've tried Text Viewer 0.5 and its "JaneMode"(??) is decent. The only problem is it cuts off the document less than halfway through. I can scroll down further with the R button, but it pops me right back to the point where it halted in the first place. The only way I can fix it is to scroll back to the beginning, switch through the other two modes and back to JaneMode.

    I can see it to the end of the document in the other two modes, "DumpMode" and "NormalMode," but the text isn't properly formatted, so they're useless.

    I'd prefer a stand-alone homebrew, something as simple and small as possible, but if there's one that's part of a combo program, that would be fine too.


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    well i havent used it to look at game walkthroughs, but bookr is a fairly good txt reader for txt, pdf etc.. might want to check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDGAFLifer View Post
    well i havent used it to look at game walkthroughs, but bookr is a fairly good txt reader for txt, pdf etc.. might want to check it out.
    Yeah I would have to say bookr. It's not that small but it can read most formats. (I use it a lot for my eBooks)

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    I like TeX.. it is incredible!!!

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    bookr (0.7) is the best:
    - it has customizable key bindings
    - read txt & pdf
    - displays non-1252 codepages well

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    I also used bookr.. The only problem is that it doesn't support .rtf, so at the moment I just convert them to .txt, but does anyone know a reader for PSP which does support .rtf / .doc?

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    Thanks for the replies. Bookr seems like the best option. I've had iRShell on my HD for awhile now, but I never use it. I never noticed Bookr was in there.

    The second best one I've found is PSPReader 1.1.2, which has a nifty search function (I can't seem to find one in Bookr). It doesn't seem to be finished as a lot of the options don't work. I also tried CN Reader, which has good formatting and even a MP3 player, but it's in Chinese.
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    Yep, Bookr 0.70 and PSPReader 1.1.2 both work great. Text seems smoother in Bookr but if you'll be reading game walkthroughs, then the search function in PSPReader would be quite helpful. Oh, and PSPReader also lets you listen to MP3 but I think you have to name it and place it in a specific folder.

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    i thought PSPReader is better than the other myself.

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    nice man. this what i was waiting for. damn ye yeyeye

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