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    i use a japanese brand, (which i forgot) as i am leaving here in thailand i buy 1 protection for 200 bahts (around 5 dollars) bit expensive!!!! but the quality is so good and very easy to apply it

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    capdase, rather than a bulky case

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    another hard screen protector review

    >>> another review on a hard screen protector for the psp!

    if you read the post above you will see that i reviwed the logitech play visor screen protector and thought it was pretty good. unfortunatelly i had to return the logitech screen protector because i wanted a hard screen protector that i could still use with my pelican silicone case. the logitech play gear has this bracket on the bottom that attaches to the psp making it hard to fit inside the silicone case, it becomes very difficult to pull the silicone skin out without messing with the screen. and also the silicone would look raised on the top and bottom where the brackets of the visor are located. but i wasn't worried about the looks, i wanted functionality!

    so i went on a hunt to find this protector here that i will be showing (see pics). it took me 4 days to find this thing, and i could only find it on ebay. the seller was "knightdiscounts" and he/she was the only one. please do post here or send me an email if you know of any other places to get this protector, cuz i would like to know for future references. the package was made in china...and there isn't really a manufacturer name on it...

    i would advise you to use any hard screen protectors with those film protectors, for intance the hori ones are good! reason i say this is that the hard screen protector of course touches the lcd, so you don't want the hard protector end up scratching the lcd of your lovely psp. even the logitech one above, i would advise using a hori film screen protector under it (or any other brand). this new protector i found differs from the logitech in many ways;

    it is made of a cheaper plastic (but it is still clear and it does the job), the plastic is a little thicker and it only screws on the top. it fits really nice inside a silicone case...i can remove the silicone case and the screen protector stay still. the only thing ugly that you might see is that on the top you will see that the silicone case is raised a little due to the bracket of the visor that curves arround so you can screw the pins onto the usb holes of your psp (similar to the logitech used with a silicone case). but it is not that much...and it doesn't really bother me that much because i only care about taking good care of my psp, i don't care for the looks of it! yes the screws are metal and look ugly...they don't come off the screen, they have a screw stopper so they won't come loose. they look odd but again, functionality is the most important factor for me. check out the pics bellow of the screen protector on my psp with and without the silicone case. hope this helped! later.
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    protector_front.JPG   protector_bottom.JPG   protector_top.JPG   protector_silicone.JPG  

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    Nice review, I gave ya a Thumbs Up!

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    I agree about the hori screen protectors. They're much better than the pelican ones. The pelican ones make the screen look distorted. I got my hori ones at EB but i dont know if they have them anymore.

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