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    Im Lovin the Shield Zone FULL FRONT Screen Protector, i just got it in the mail a couple weeks back! i'll post some pics soon..

    It has very good protection, I even feel comfortable enough to put the psp itself only in my pocket, i dont see thumbprints that much also

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    I think Sony Basic Pouch is best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carapalida View Post
    the only problem I see here with this design is if you were using another accessory like the usb camera, I am not sure if the camera uses the 2 holes that are located on the top. what was the reason that sony had those 2 holes there anyways? does anyone know? anyhow...if they come up with other accessories that you have to use those 2 holes up top then this screen is not for you cuz this screen does use those 2 holes to hold the screen down onto the psp.
    Those two holes are for attaching the said usb peripherals. The talkman microphone uses those two holes for screwing the microphone onto the psp.

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    to samic and others...

    other then the talkman usb microphone, are there any other acessories out there that sony said they would use these two holes? i only found on the net the ones you mentioned...

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    The ultimate combination for your PSP is: a HORI screen protector and a Logitech PGP case. Put together you have complete protection for your precious PSP and you can customise your PGP case to your hearts desire - pratical and cool too!

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    The Logitech thing is crap. If dust is under it - or even worst a sand corn - the display can be permanently damaged. I do not use anything to protect the display. I think it's the best that way.

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    Wink hey superman...that is why i said on my review...

    Quote Originally Posted by Clark Kent View Post
    The Logitech thing is crap. If dust is under it - or even worst a sand corn - the display can be permanently damaged. I do not use anything to protect the display. I think it's the best that way. use a hori screen protector under the logitech play visor. it is just a matter of preference, in my opinion the regular screen protectors out there (the ones that stick) they only protect the psp's lcd against scratches...i think the logitech play visor would protect a little bit more if you were to drop the psp. you know what i mean?

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    if you lose the psp sleeve a sock works well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
    I would highly recommend the Logitech PlayGear Pocket.


    The Logitech PlayGear Pocket is protective polycarbonate armour for your PSP. This portable case is packed with versatile features and an innovative design that gives you full control.

    Got game? The shoulder triggers are fully accessible without having to remove your PSP from the case.
    Need some privacy? The convenient headphone access port means you can plug in a set of Logitech PlayGear Stealth or other earphones* and listen to your favorite tunes on the go.

    Seeing is believing. The adjustable 270-degree lid doubles as a sun visor to cut down on distracting outdoor glare. Or use it as a stand so you can view movies and photos hands-free.

    Anyway you choose, PlayGear Pocket has you covered! Simply close the lid to safely stow your PSP, and you´re instantly back on the move.


    * Virtually indestructible polycarbonate armor shell protects your device
    * Easy access to shoulder controls means your PSP is playable even while inside the case
    * Headphone* port means you can plug into some tunes, then stow them in your backpack
    * 270-degree adjustable lid can be used as a sunshield for gaming or a stand for watching movies
    * Secure snap closure means your investment stays put
    * 2-year limited warranty

    Logitech should be paying you for that ringing

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    i've been useing a brando full face screen protector that's really awsome. It takes some patients and a steady hand to get on without bubbles but it deafinantly works

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