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    Best PSP RPG?

    Big final fantasy fan... what would you recommend. Playing Valkyrie Lenneth right now which isn't too bad. But not sure what else there really is that catches the eye... :??

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    Apr 2006
    VP is the only RPG on the PSP that hasnt gotten a big stink bomb come review time. The others are all very so-so.

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    Some people just bought into the hype that Valkyrie Profile Lenneth would be the best RPG for the psp, but now that they have the game they might be dissapointed.

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    hmm, i havent played this game yet. i've been looking for a good rpg game on the psp too... after trying legend of heroes, i got discouraged to play another psp rpg. hopefully this will be enjoyable.

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    I Didnt Find VP Any Good I Preffered Blade Dancer

    But If U Want A Good Rpg Get Legend Of Heroes 1 And 2

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    WTF, How are you guys forgetting about Tales of Eternia? So far it's just as good as Tales of Eternia, just handheld. I like it a lot, if you're a classic-type sprite RPG fan, check it out.

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    VP:L isnt too bad, but on RPGs i would recommend BoF3 (my personal fav ps game) but thats your call.

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    i would vote for Breath of Fire 3 also. I cant put that game down..

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    Stick Out Tongue

    Quote Originally Posted by comadore17
    I still am getting into the Legend of hero games which arn't bad!
    I have all rpg's until now and i like them all!! But i am currently playing Blade Dancer and Valkyrie Profile!!

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    VP L and Bof III for me are the best psp rpgs.

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