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    Atlus Reveals Persona 4 Golden Coming to PlayStation Vita This Fall

    Atlus Manager of Public Relations and Sales Aram Jabbari has announced today that Persona 4 Golden is coming to PlayStation Vita this Fall!

    To quote: Look at it. Just look at it. Your PlayStation Vita. It's so sexy, isn't it? Those sleek, glossy curves...Those adorable analog sticks... That gigantic OLED screen. Oh my goodness, dat screen.

    Wouldn't it be amazing if there were some RPG, some massive RPG with dozens and dozens of hours of tried-and-true gameplay and a captivating story to tell?

    Sure, it takes a while for every system to really get to that meaty part of its lifecycle, but luckily for PS Vita owners, their new handheld is going to get that game this fall.

    That's right, boys and girls, Persona 4 Golden, the enhanced and expanded (yet comfortably handheld) upgrade to the award-winning RPG classic, is coming to a PS Vita near you-preferably the one in your hands as you're reading this-this fall.

    The original game has an overall Metacritic score of 90 and tons of "Editor's Choice" and "Best Of" awards. It's generally considered one of the finest games ever made, certainly one of the best in its genre, delivering oodles of hours of enthralling storytelling, immensely satisfying combat, intricate party management, and addicting Persona collection and customization.

    Social Links, the system through which players can develop and strengthen bonds with characters in the game world-relationships that will enrich the overall experience and enhance their party's combat capabilities- are as incredibly addictive and fulfilling as ever.

    And then there's all the new stuff, the improvements, if you will: remastered visuals and sounds; new Personas to collect; new story events along with an all-new character; 1.5 times the voiced dialogue of the original release; a new online "dungeon rescue" feature that allows users to call on other players for assistance in real time when they are about to die in the TV world; stunning new anime cutscenes, which include a new opening animation with a new song from master composer Shoji Meguro; a host of fan-suggested tweaks and changes, and much more!

    When Persona 3 Portable, a similar handheld reimagining of an already terrific RPG, was released in 2010, it went down as the second-best reviewed game on the PSP (gamerankings.com) EVER. We figure it stands to reason that Persona 4 Golden and all of its enhancements are going to be one heck of a reason to boot up (or pick up) your PS Vita.

    Pre-order your copy using links at http://www.atlus.com/p4g, which will become a full-fledged site with additional game info and media soon enough.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    julianog412 Guest
    This game is one of the best RPGs I have ever played. With such an amazing story... Glad to see it will be available for the PS Vita

    Thanks for the news!

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    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Just get it, no regrets.

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    ZAFDeltaForce Guest
    Awesome, can't wait to play it

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