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    Ape Academy 2 PSP

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    Working With Devhook 0.46

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    Thanks! I will add it to our Master List now!

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    whats it like is it any good. are the mini games the same as the first? the list can go on pls let us know how the game plays.

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    I like it but...

    I think the minigames are more geared to the pre 17 age group. I much prefer Xtreme Party. They are both the same type of game, but Xtreme's mini-games seem more thought out and polished. Whereas, Ape Academy's graphical presentation is more polished, the actual games themselves seem a little shallow.

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    Thumbs Up

    wheres the ripkit at? the game is like yu gi oh with the cards and then you play rock, paper, scissors to play the mini games against each other I have the jap ver. I like the game it caught my attention.

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    There is a RipKit for this game in the Site News update.

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    what does the rip kit remove?

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    I think the ripkit removed the update folder only, becos i rip it manually using umdgen and i got it to the same size as 644MB(iso) and 372MB(cso). There isnt much you can rip for this game becos there is this one big file that is over 600MB but seems to be very compressible using cso.


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