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    Registered User sigma82's Avatar
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    any way to rip music off of UMD?

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    I just got Ridge Racer and must say it really is the best one made to date. I love all the music because it's a collection from most all the past ones. I was wondering if there was a way to get the music off the UMD. If there isn't well then are any of you coding elite up to the challenge of making some type of prog for the pc that will allow music to get ripped off the UMD. I know I can't be the only one wanting music off the UMD.

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    well has anyone been successful at it and what was needed for it as in what progs?

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    found this... http://www.minidisc.org/mdlpfaq.html#r_q73 (click link #17)

    i haven't had a chance to try it on any at3 files yet - i'll check it out this weekend. the notes say that you may have to change some header info to make it play in a standard player?

    i also noticed that some games have .aud files in the music folders...

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    Well man if you mess with it and get some good results please let us know. Thanks for the info

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    that atrac3 codec is crap... i tried a few .at3 files found in game saves and game isos and was able to open and play maybe half. and i wasn't able to encode anything using adobe audition...

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    damn that sux. Hmmmm why only play the files half way, seems weird. Oh well at least you gave it a shot.

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    what i meant was half the songs i tried to play did (and all the way through), but some files wouldn't open at all... and actually i haven't tried any full length songs yet, just the snd0.at3's...

    i don't have the ridge racer filelist handy, but the couple games i have here don't even use .at3 files for music - its some '.aud' file format. i did some poking around there and it looks like a RIFF-WAVE format, but they must do something else to it thats proprietary. also, '.aud' isn't standard - theres at least five other proprietary sound formats that use that extension...

    hopefully theres someone out there thats alot smarter than me thats looking into this.

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    back on the topic... sigma - i managed to get the ridge racer file list... it looks like the music is all compiled into one big data file. so you're probably out of luck getting them converted...

    i dont have the game, but a brute force way of doing it would be to run the headphones out to your pc and just record it like that. hopefully you can turn down all the sound effects and just have the music play?

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    i just used a male-male audio cable to hook the headphone jack to the audio in on my sound card. i muted evertything but the audio in and used adobe audition to record it. took as long as the song is to rip... easy. and, you can put it in whatever format u want without having to find a converter for the atrac3(+) formats.

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    thats exactly what i meant to say Q... the only downside is the extra DA-AD conversion, but who cares? it'll still sound good enough if your sound card is halfway decent.


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