Red Squirrel has released Alternative VSHMenu 3.0, a custom firmware plugin that adds additional functions to the VSHMenu already included in M33.

These additional functions include the ability to change the background color as well as take a screenshot of the XMB. Without further ado, here is the changelog for version 3.0:

Download: Alternative VSHMenu v3.0 for PSP [Right-click, Save As]

Version 3.0 Changelog:

-Fixed problems with USB device setting when UMD9660 were selected.
-Last USB Device chosen will be saved, so at PSP reboot default USB Device will be last one chosen.
-Changes to CPU and BUS frequency will be applied immediately on menu closing, without requiring console reboot.
-Add UMD-VIDEO function (like M33 VSHMenu)
-ISOs in ISO/VIDEO directory will be checked on every VSHmenu beginning, so changes (adding/removing ISO) will be realized immediately without requiring console reboot!
-Now pressing again the "start" key VSHMenu will close itself.

[imglink=|Alternative VSHMenu v3.0 for PSP out now!][/imglink]

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