Red Squirrel returns with an update to his Alternative VSHMenu plug-in for PSP. The plug-in adds additional functions to the XMB configuration menu already included in M33's Custom Firmware series.

Alternative VSHMenu 4.0 comes with a rather extensive list of additions and changes, including minor optimizations, bug fixes, and a menu item for toggling the hide PIC0 and PIC1 function.

Download: Alternative VSHMenu 4.0 Plug-In for PSP

Additionally, the author mentions that users running version 4.0 on a regular PSP can change the GAME menu kernel setting from within the XMB, while users with a Slim unit are able to change the USB Charge setting.

Note that changing either of these settings will automatically reboot the PSP.

Changelog v4.0:
-Added a security check to the plug-in.
-Added the NO PIC0 AND PIC1 function
-Added the GAME KERNEL function for PSP Fat
-Added the USB CHARGE function for PSP Slim.
-GAME KERNEL and USBCHARGE functions share the same line, so if you use Alternative VSHMenu on a PSP Fat the GAME KERNEL function will appear, otherwise on a Slim the function USB CHEARGE will appear.
-Now when you change one of the functions that requires the reboot of the console to be applied (Game Kernel, USB Charge, M33 Network Update, No Pic1.png and Pic0.png), Dashboard will be restarted automatically, applying the change!
-Some minor bugfix and improvement to the code.

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