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    Alternative to updating

    So.... there are discs coming out soon that have automatic firmware updates lets see how this will loggically pan out. (This being said in 3rd person to imply people in general will do this, not me nor anyone I know specifically)

    -Sony's firmware V1.5 & V1.51 get hacked, emulators get in
    -Sony adds automatic updates of firmware in UMD discs (you cant play till you update)
    -People stop buying discs (but they still want them)
    -Crack teams hack the UMD discs, dump the data and make them available online.
    People wanting to keep emulators now are FORCED to download the UMD games and use the loader that will no doubt be figured out by then
    -So now the people have everything they always wanted and Sony has made sure they cant make any money.

    Question to the Sony employee that reads this.....


    Sony is baisically encouraging the pirating of software.... This may actually really hurt the PSP.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! You have to understand there will always be SOME piracy. Its a premium, deal with it. Plenty of people are going to go the totally legit way, its just that now Sony is making people pirate stuff.....


    fight the man

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    Youre right... cruise the PSP boards by Sony..... a lot of people have upgraded not knowing what the crap they did. Its funny though, I just want to say... "DOOD YOU SHOT YOURSELF IN THE FOOT!!!!"


    Fight the Man... dont update

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    Yeah, they should know that 50% of the people that buy the damn thing when it comes out are either hackers, devs, or people that know eventually they will be able to play emulators on it. If they don't know this, they are a naive bunch. I, for one, wouldn't have bought it if I knew there was NO chance of homebrew on it. I knew b/c of the memory stick that it would basically become THE platform for emulation b/c of it's portability. I buy games, though, but if they put auto updates on UMD's, I prolly won't buy a game ever again. They will lose a good amount of business through this practice. And the number of games sold will take a hit, because people that are more hardcore into games buy more of them, and those are the ones that won't buy them anymore. Anyway, I love my PSP and can't wait for homebrew on 1.5. Keep up the good work, devs!

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    I just posted in another thread, comparing this situation to the dreamcast, and its fall...

    Anyways, yeah. I don't have a PSP yet. I was going to get one when I heard of the PS3 functionality. Whatever its going to be. Ha!

    I knew there was a homebrew and Emu scene, but I didn't know if it was going to take off. I also didn't know North American PSP's wouldn't be able to utilize the awesomeness of emulation. I want it just so I can walk around with a ton of NES and Genesis games not on a laptop or my ungamefriendly pocket pc. Hoping for a NeoGeo or NGPC emu to come around too, so I can get some sort of Metal Slug going on - on the go. I just don't feel that any of the release titles are worth my time.

    I'm thinking now that I should pick up my psp now before the next firmware update. What are your thoughts on that?

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    I am new here, but that number of people who buy a PSP for homebrew reasons is way out of line.
    Try something like 5% of the people know about homebrew. Until a magazine like Giant, or FHM, or some lame ass show on Spike of G4 talks about it, and basically show people exactly how to do it (with large type, and easy to understand pictures, like a McDonald's menu.) that number will stay at 5%.

    I know we all like to think that pirating killed the Dreamcast, but that really wasn't it. The Dreamcast died because it wasn't NextGen enough. It was in-between DVD players being a legit option on consoles. And HD's. And better graphic cards. It was better then what came before, but not good enough to stand against the new stuff. In many ways I fear the new XBox is going to be in the same situation. Better then what we have now, but not in the same league as the PS3. Both from a gaming device stand point, and the more important entertainment device for the home.

    But we shall see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninkul
    Dreamcast was cool and it still is.
    You, sir, are damn right!

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    Actually something that I dont think that has been brought up.....

    If sony is to go as low as automatically installing firmware updates withought the users consent when they pop a umd disc in. What happens if the battery should go out. Since it will not give you time to tell you to plugin your psp(Or maybe your on the road) What will happen?

    I see sony having to reimburse alot of customers this way.

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    well if updating your system while your PSP is deing becomes an issue I'm pretty sure most people in the know how would take advantage of screwing $ony over and perposly letting their systems die as they update. I know I would

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    the other half of the reason sony is sweating the exploit, is that nintendo owns the patent to portable emulation, so if emus are avaliable on psp withou nintendos consent, they can easily sue sonys ass, even though portable emulation has been around on gba before, nintendo decided to patent after the success of famicom mini/nes serise. Same thing with a mini game on a load screen, someone actually owns a patent to that, which might be namco as they are infamous for having that in some of their games.

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    good point!

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