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    Quote Originally Posted by sigma82
    well if updating your system while your PSP is deing becomes an issue I'm pretty sure most people in the know how would take advantage of screwing $ony over and perposly letting their systems die as they update. I know I would
    they'd like that.

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    I just hope for a mod that fully bypasses the bios of the PSP. It seems improbable, but Sony keeps pushing the firms... Hopefully a hardware mod that makes the Sony bios its ***** and hacked updates that open the door to PSP true potential....

    Homebrew made you and it can destroy you!!!

    Sony forgets that an old guy who worked for a TV co. showed an idea of a "brown box" to his boss it was rejected. But Ralph Baer went forward with his idea. Nolan Bushnell took that idea and created PONG. From those humble begginings we have the games we play now.

    Homebrew will overcome this.....

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    well how about a nicely written emulator to emulate updated firmware?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninkul

    Well... if they modify YOUR console, i guess you could sue them couldnt you? though they probably have like a one-of-a-kind thick 7000 page long user agreement on the internet that everyone seems to just seem to click "I Accept" for, lol
    they're not modifying your console either. they are simply putting the other half of the firmware that you put on your chip on there so it is whole. no modification there.
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