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    After Burner: Black Falcon PSP

    Publisher: Sega
    Category: Strategy/Sim
    Release Date: 22/03/07

    Adrenaline junkies, prep for takeoff. After Burner: Black Falcon brings all-out arcade-style aerial combat to PSP. Choose from a variety of options to design a fighter plane then customize your jet with your high-powered weapons of choice. Fly at maximum speed and blast your terrorist enemies out of the sky or off the face of the earth as you maneuver through firestorms of missiles and oncoming enemy fighters. Upgrade your jet with high-tech engine components to improve performance and maneuverability. Compete against other throttle jockeys in a variety of wireless Ad Hoc multiplayer dogfights or team up with a fellow high-flyer on co-op missions..

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    Another added to the Master List!

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    Eur Version out now.

    Release name: After Burner Black Falcon EUR MULTI5 PSP-LIGHTFORCE

    RAR size: 273 mb
    ISO size:411 mb
    Last edited by sticky; 03-21-2007 at 10:49 AM

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    Confirmed working on 3.03 OE-C

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    CSO - 312MB
    CSO loads/plays/saves fine on 3.10 OE-A2
    Last edited by elbarto1; 03-21-2007 at 03:45 PM Reason: missed a spot!

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    Arrow 74.2mb ripkit for After_Burner_Black_Falcon_EUR_MULTI5_PSP-LIGHTFORCE ripKit

    74.2mb ripkit for After_Burner_Black_Falcon_EUR_MULTI5_PSP-LIGHTFORCE ripKit by Cozy

    Tested on 3.10 oe-a2

    ripped update,movies ripped,BGM ripped. All in game sound still intact!

    extract the ripkit into a folder,copy the full!iso into it &
    rename your full iso to cozy.iso and run the Rip After burner ISO!.bat file

    full iso must be 408 MB (427,849,728 bytes)
    cso File will be 74.2 MB (77,859,853 bytes)
    Last edited by cozy; 03-21-2007 at 09:20 PM

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