Wololo reported the following today on his website

Since we started signing homebrews, we’ve been seeing a continuous flow of releases (by the way, check this thread in which you’ll find a bunch of signed homebrews, thanks to toBsucht)

As reported by many sites already, liquidzigong released a signed version of 6.35Pro, the Homebrew enabler made by developers Virtuous flame and coldbird. In simple words, if you’re on 6.35, you don’t need to run the Hen through the sukkiri Demo, you can run it directly from the XMB, which, let’s admit it, is extremely convenient.

Now, I see questions coming. Yesterday, I did say that homebrew signing was only for user mode applications. But the Hen gives you kernel access… Did I lie yesterday? Not at all.

The Hen is a user mode application that uses a Kernel exploit in order to gain Kernel access (if the Hen was a Kernel application in the first place, we couldn’t run it from HBL…). So, the signature allows devs to run a Usermode application which triggers the Kernel exploit, and returns directly to the XMB in Kernel mode.

Another question is: why would we use the Hen now that we can sign homebrews? Well, here the answer is the same as “why would we use a Hen rather than HBL”? Some homebrews require Kernel access and won’t run even if we sign them. Some people want plugins. Some people want isos…

Also for those who wonder, although the “signing” bit will be tricky to patch for Sony, the Kernel exploit used in the Hen (it’s the same exploit in TN Hen and 6.35Pro, of course) is extremely easy to patch, and if Sony take the time to release a new firmware update, the Hen will not work on it anymore, signed or not.

I tested it on my PSP 3000 in 6.35, and it works fine, although some PSP2000 owners have reported some failures running this version of the Hen.

source: twitter.com/liquidzigong/status/27358924852170754