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    Shrink Guest

    2.81 downgrade without LCS possible?

    Hi guys!

    A friend of mine has a 2.81 PSP and wants to downgrade.
    I googled the whole web and found no method to do it without GTA:LCS.
    Do you know what I have to use? Please help me out. Thanks.

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    aldostools Guest
    You can downgrade *any* version of PSP using a Pandora Battery and a "Magic Memory Stick". Both can created using another PSP that already have a custom firmware.

    There is a hardware approach to convert a regular battery in a Pandora one, it involves opening the battery and desoldering the pin 5 of the EEPROM. However, if you cause a short circuit, the battery could explode.

    Other methods to downgrade your 2.81 PSP are upgrading to 3.03 and using an unpatched UMD of GTA:LCS or upgrading to 3.50 and using an UMD of Lumines I.

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