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    1GB Mem. Stick, anyone got it yet?

    Still waiting for mine.

    I'm anxiously waiting since my PSP is only good for games right now.

    I can't wait to exploit the capabilities of this machine. AHH

    Ordered mine from Dell, hoping they'd ship it by 4/22.

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    Apr 2005
    If you have a PSP, you need to get a 1 gig stick. I put movies, music, game saves, and pictures all on one card. It makes it so simple.

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    Apr 2005
    I can't wait till till the 2gb ones come out so I can encode and fit movies that match UMD quality so I don't have to swap sticks. I know it will be expensive at first but hopefully the prices of the lower capacity sticks will go down so I can pick up more 1gb stick/s which are great for TV shows.

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    ive got the 2 gb duo, cost me about 450$ ;(
    you can get it off its worth it, but...... Ill pissed as hell if/when there is a new model PSP w/ a HDD built-in

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    Apr 2005
    still waiting for mine

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    Mine is suppose to be shipping this Friday.

    I ordered it back in the first week of April when Dell was running a promotion.

    Got the 1GB from Sony for 100 (that's after shipping)... the agony of waiting is almost over..

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    Apr 2005
    I will definitely get a 1 gig stick when there are Genesis, SNES & NES emulators. Can you imagine playing street fighteron that baby

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    onlinememory are doing the 1GB sony for 88.52 and free delivery, now just to decide where to get the psp from - some good offers on ebay but don't want dead pixels!

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    hey you know that is in euro and that site is currently only bshippoing to the uk but hey thats srill only 114 usd

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    onlinememory don't have it in stock until 3rd! 93.99 free delivery and claim to have it in stock.

    these damn cards are so expensive for the amount of storage you get but there's just no other option for psp!

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