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    n00b question but:

    That'll definetly work right? :P

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    No, i wish i had one, for the time being Im just converting movies and stuff till the day when I can get a 1g duo for under $100, i wish i had gotten one before psp launch but i didnt think of it

    Quote Originally Posted by talvon
    n00b question but:

    That'll definetly work right? :P

    Quote Originally Posted by kamen555
    I'm waiting for a PVP (Portable Video Player) with a screen as big as the PSP or even better a PVP with a video goggle like the one from
    how does this affect you buying a 1 gig card? its a cool headset, but what were you thinking when you posted that reply?

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    nitroflux: yes shipping costs were included.

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    WOW! lucky, lucky man!

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    they'll work

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    I got me one of the 1GB SanDisk special gaming MS DUO PRO's

    SanDisk Official Information Page

    Supposedly specifically designed for the PSP using some kind of shiny technology they created to be better than other ones.

    They cost a little more at most places but I guess it should be worth it when streaming from the MS and I aint no poorper so I couldn't care less about the price. I got it for 89.95 including delivery from DigiMem.

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    I figure I'll wait till I can get a 2gb one to buy. Really I see no point in buying until then. But I don't really care about waiting longer for running emus so that might be why.

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    I will be getting a 1gb soon after my psp arrives. I ordered it the other day.

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    I received my 1GB Thursday after tons of searching (did "make an offer" for $109 on ebay).

    Looks like they're hitting the shelves finally. Google search turned up several for $119 or so... last week minimum price was $140 for in-stock 1GB cards.


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    Some good news and bad news, I see that has Sandisk 1GB memory stick pro duos on sell for $95.65 plus S/H. Pretty decent price I thought. One bad note though, it says they are currently out of stock. So, if they will fully process your order, you may have to wait a little longer to actually receive one.

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