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    hey I was wondering if there was any difference in the sony and the sandisk that is noticable since they are easier to find and cheaper

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    No, just get the Sandisk. I heard that Sony and SanDisk co-developed the memory stick format, and even still, you wouldn't notice any difference if they didn't. I have a 32MB Sony and a 128MB SanDisk (regular MS's that I use or my camera) and they even look exactly the same, except for the model numbers and company logos.

    When it comes to memory sticks (and generally any form of flash storage), brand usually doesn't matter that much. I'd just go ahead and get the cheapest one you can find.

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    Yah, definitely go with SanDisk memory sticks. I was just reading about it in the lastest EGM magazine. Highly recommended.

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    I bought the blue 1 GB from for 149.88 shipped so it was an ok deal. They are also selling the yellow gaming verison for 119.88 shipped but its not in stock now. I couldn't wait so I spent the extra 30 on the blue they had in stock.

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    well here's the best deal I've found for uk users like me:

    very tempting indeed.

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    good deal mikey!

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    Dell has pushed my order back 3 times already. Won't be getting the stick till Mid June.

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    Is everyone buying Memory Stick Duo, or Memory Stick PRO Duo? Isn't there a speed difference?

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    Can anyone confirm if you can put atrac3plus files on the 1 GB memory stick pro duo. According to the manual it says that atrac3plus only works on memory stick duos, not the pros.

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    I'm waiting for a PVP (Portable Video Player) with a screen as big as the PSP or even better a PVP with a video goggle like the one from

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