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    Question 1.0 to 1.5 upgrade

    Hi guys dont know if this has been answered already but I did search. How can I upgrade my 1.0 psp to 1.5 without an umd game that auto-updates. Is there anyway to this say get the update from the dead to rights ISO and run it off the memory stick or something like that. Anyone done anything like this or am I forced to buy Dead to rights or midnight club

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    should i upgrade from v1.00 to 1.50....?

    should i upgrade my jap psp from ver 1.00 to ver1.50 i am unsure as to what to do as i dont think i can dowgrade again .but everything apears to be being written for the please.

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    tristan1985: You can rent them to do it, which is probably your cheapest and safest way.

    DoctorA: Correct, there is currently no way to downgrade again so the decision is yours.

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    i have a v1.0 psp and use hookboot 0.92b that plays already a nice list of games. be patient, you may regret it maybe to upgrade to v1.5.

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    dont bother renting, if you can find the 1.50 update on the web (i know it is floating around), then you can run it from your MS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobiras
    do it only if you are sure that the update file you downloaded is the 1.50 cause some people upload a fake 1.50 update file and it was the firmware 2.00. i dont know how to check it before doing it, but do it only if you are sure..
    The safest way to check if a firmware update is valid (ie. not a hoax, like the supposed downgrader) is to verify the MD5 hash. If you don't have a reliable source to compare your hash to, you can check the filesize.

    And in response to the original poster, I would like to make two quick points:

    1.) Renting would work. Be sure not to use the network upgrade option since Sony only supplies the newest version (that's 2.0 for Japanese PSPs and 1.52 for US PSPs). Be advised that the 2.0 firmware is 16.3 Megabytes in size (you want to avoid that). I don't know the file size of the 1.51/1.52 updates off the top of my head but I'm sure you can find them through Google.

    2.) Please make sure that you really need 1.50. There are plenty of ways to get software to run on 1.00 PSPs. If you have a 1.00, there's usually no reason to upgrade to 1.50 unless you own a game that requires an update.

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    Red Face Renting

    Cool thanks never thought of renting , but the psp doesnt officially come out until sep 1 in australia so guess I'll have to wait. no fast loader for me
    Yeah I downloaded a firmware version that said it was 1.50 bit when i went to use it it said update 1.51, so I said screw that I'm not trusting that

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    why be patient when hookboot first came out for 1.50 before 1.00 and now fastloader which plays the most games in the best way and is for 1.50.... there wont be anything for 1.0 that will not work on 1.50 as far as playing games

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    I recently was in the same situation, and now have upgraded to 1.5, i dont regret it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitrusoxide2k1
    I recently was in the same situation, and now have upgraded to 1.5, i dont regret it!
    How did you upgrade to 1.5 did you have the 1.5 file? or from a game the trouble is now getting a reliable file to do it with that you know is legit.

    i have one, but dont know if it is its size looking at it in explorer is 13.575mb
    anyone know how i can check it?

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